Jan.1,1988 -Dec.11,1988
:  Amax International Co.,Ltd and B-TAC Automation Co.,Ltd.  
  represented Taiyo Pneumatic and Hydraulic  
  Equipments for Thai Market.  
Dec.12,1988 : Signed Sole agency contract with Taiyo Ltd.  
Dec. 20,1995 : Signed KD Factory Contract with Taiyo Ltd. to assemble  
  10Z-2, 10A-5 and CL1 series of Taiyo Air Cylinders in  
March 26,2004
: Increased capital from ฿9,000,000 to ฿15,000,000.  
March 26,2004 Sold some shares at book value to Major Manager at the   
Name of Banks
1.  Bank of Ayudhaya PCL. Bangna-Trad Rd.,(Central City)  
  branch. A/C No. 299-1-47827-7, Saving Account.    
  2. Bangkok Bank PCL. Bangna Branch,A/C No. 130-5-83902-7,Saving Account.  
Future Objective : 1. To be the first rank of Pneumatic and Hydraulic  Equipments and Systems supplier.  
  2. To cooperate with Japanese companies to set up manufacturing base for local and overseas requirement.